‘All-around infielder’ Kim Hye-sung’s reason for looking forward to 2023

2nd 1st round overall 7 nominations. As he was from a top rounder, the team’s expectations were high. Even in his first year, he did not receive attention compared to his “motivation for joining” Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom Heroes), and then he took the starting position the following year. Now, he has been reborn as an infielder representing the league. Kim Hye-seong (Kiwoom), who became the second Taegeuk mark after the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, is the main character. 바카라사이트

Kim Hye-seong overcame fierce competition and boarded the final roster for the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) baseball team. He is in charge of the national team’s infield along with high-level fielders such as ‘foreign group’ Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) and Tommy Edman (St. Louis Cardinals).

Hyesung Kim has grown every year. First of all, the batting average, which rose slightly from 2018 (0.270) to 2019 (0.276) and 2020 (0.285), increased significantly in 2021 (0.304). Even in 2021, it was a season in which he played in all games (144 games).

Last year, he recorded 164 hits in 129 games, 516 at-bats, a batting average of 0.318, 4 homers, 48 ​​RBIs, and an OPS of 0.776, recording a batting average of 30% for two consecutive years. According to Statties, a site specializing in KBO league records, he ranked 9th (4.80) among all hitters in the league in terms of win contribution (WAR) versus substitute players.

The most obvious advantage is, of course, fast feet. In his last five seasons, he has never missed 20 stolen bases. In 2021 he also became the first title holder in his career with 46 stolen bases. Even last year, when the number of stolen bases decreased (34), he ranked second in this category following Park Chan-ho (KIA Tigers, 42).

Some pointed out that he lacked a sense of stability in the defense, recording as many as 35 errors in 2021, but he found stability with 11 errors while digesting 1080 innings as a fixed second baseman last year. He is a smaller number compared to 2018 (16) or 2019 (15).

In last year’s semi-playoffs (7 hits in 22 at-bats, 0.318 3 RBIs) and playoffs (6 hits in 16 at-bats, 0.375 4 RBIs), he even made up for his disappointment in fall baseball. However, the sluggishness in the Korean Series (4 hits in 21 at-bats, 0.190 batting average) was a flaw.

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