A tip from an art soccer legend “Who refuses to win the Ballon d’Or?”

▲ Hugo Lloris announced his retirement from the French national team
▲ Responded head-on to rumors that he opposed Karim Benzema’s participation in the World Cup in Qatar
▲ Lloris’s remark “Fake news. Benzema has been a key player in the national team for the past 18 months”

[Goal.com] Reporter Park Moon-soo = 스포츠토토 “The news that some of our players were in favor of Benzema leaving the national team is false information.”

Hugo Lloris has ruled out rumors that some French players did not welcome Benzema during the World Cup in Qatar. In the process, Lloris raised his voice that he had never objected to Benzema’s rejoining of the national team at the World Cup.

Lloris recently announced his retirement from the French national team. In the process, Lloris dismissed rumors surrounding Benzema.

According to ‘Global’, the media (Goal.com), Lloris said, “There were a lot of words. And usually they were lies. There were funny words. Even before Benzema left the national team, the atmosphere was good. Even after he left, it was the same. “When I think about the situation since he returned to the national team, I prefer him to be with us. Benzema is still an important asset for France.”

He went on to say: “It is completely wrong to say that we forced Benzema to leave the team. Was there any benefit to us from doing that? In 18 months, Benzema was a key player for us. He helped us play in the UEFA Nations League. “He helped us win. His return would have been positive.”

He also denied the rumors, saying, “The claim that some of our players were in favor of Benzema leaving the national team is completely false. On a stage like the World Cup, it is natural to want to be with the best players.”

Here’s the situation. 2022 Ballon d’Or winner Benzema was injured just before the World Cup. It wasn’t serious. The French national team also entered the finals without a replacement for Benzema. As France advanced to the final, rumors of Benzema’s return were raised. But it didn’t materialize. After the World Cup, Benzema announced his retirement from the national team.

In the process, rumors emerged that some players opposed Benzema’s return to the national team. Of course, Benzema’s retirement from the national team sparked rumors of discord. Agents also responded belligerently to the national team. 스포츠토토

One of the parties, Lloris, told the inside story with his retirement. It is an opinion that none of the players objected to Benzema’s return.

He also added that there is no reason for the national team players to refuse the Ballon d’Or winner, which is given to the best player.

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