32 goals in 14 games → Real legend son “I will surpass my father’s history in Real”

Marcelo Vieira is currently playing as a defender for Fluminense in Brazil. He made his professional debut right away at Fluminisi, and thanks to his performance at this time, Vieira was able to move to Real Madrid. He played for Real Madrid from 2007 to 2022.

Vieira played as a left-back for Real Madrid for 15 years, scoring 38 goals. He has won six La Liga titles and five Champions League titles. He is truly a Real Madrid legend.

He has a son named Vieira, who became a Real Madrid legend. His name is Enzo Vieira. Vieira married actress Clarice Alves in 2008, and their first son is Enzo.

The Daily Star recently reported that Enzo is showing talent that surpasses his father. In particular, his son is said to have aspirations of wanting to surpass his father at Real Madrid, where his father played.

The 14-year-old Enzo has been active as a youth player for Real Madrid, scoring 32 goals in 14 games this season. In particular, he boasts excellent attack power enough to record a hat-trick in 6 minutes.

Recently, Enzo is said to have returned from injury. He currently plays for Real Madrid’s youth academy, where he scored three goals in six appearances as soon as he came on as a substitute.

In the next match, a few days later, against Atlético, he scored four goals. He played 14 games for the under-14 team and is said to have scored a whopping 32 goals. His father became a Real Madrid legend as a world-class defender, but his son is showing an outstanding performance as a striker.

“What I want most is to get into the first team and play for Real Madrid,” Enzo said in a recent interview with The Athletic. This is my dream,” he said confidently. 먹튀검증

He then honestly revealed his dream of becoming a son who surpassed his father by saying, “The second is to win the World Cup and the third is to continue to beat my father in FIFA.”

Fans are even unanimous about Enzo, saying, “He is a player to keep an eye on.”

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